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Mm solutionz ltd has been founded on the premise of offering high quality and efficient services in the field of web design and development to its clients. We turn dreams into reality and the success of our clients in their online endeavors is a proof and testimony to hard work and commitment of our trained team of professionals. No matter what your needs, we have the resources to fulfill all your requirements.

We are creative

We are a technology driven company made up of creative and talented people. We provide tailor made web design and development services to our clients that are not run of the mill but unique to catch the attention of their visitors.

We are awesome

Mm solutionz is a company that delivers excellent results to its clients. Our solutions are designed to knock out the competitors of our clients and to establish them as leaders in their chosen niches. We keep in mind the goals of the client to come up with solutions that are just what the doctor ordered.

We are innovation

Our highly skilled team of designers and developers sits and does a brainstorming session to assess the needs of the client. It is only after that we proceed to carve out a solution that meet his requirements. We think out of the box and do not have readymade solutions for our clients.

We are the best

We do not like to boast about ourselves but our awards and achievements are there for everyone to see. We are second to none in the field of web design and development.We do not beat around the bush and also do not believe in wasting any time.

Who we are?

We are Mm solutionz ltd, a company that has carved a niche for itself in the world of web design and development in a very short time period. We provide our services to all entrepreneurs who are desirous of having a solid online presence to increase their reach and sales. We have a team of dedicated professionals who make use of all the latest tools and techniques to design and develop the website of our clients. We take pride in the quality of our services but make sure that our services are affordable to suit the budget of our clients. Mm solutionz ltd is a company that is different and also ahead of its competitors. We are flexible to modify the approach to always bring the desired results for our customers.

Our skills

Teghnogreek provides various services related to web design and development. The skills of the company lie in understanding the actual requirements of the client and coming up with a customized solution for him.

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Our Services

Mm solutionz ltd realizes that inputs of clients are very important as it is after all his dream. We incorporate these inputs into every aspect of web design to make sure that the final solution is according to the linking of the client.

Web Design

Designing and developing a website from scratch is not everyone’s cup of tea. It is both an art as well as science and takes much more than knowledge of tools and techniques required doing so to come up with a beautiful and functional website.

Website Maintenance

It is not enough to have a beautiful and functional website for your business as it requires periodic and frequent maintenance to prevent any problems that arise from time to time.

Flash Presentation

Mm solutionz ltd understands the importance of graphics and multimedia content for a website. Graphics, flash, GIFs and multimedia form an integral part of websites these days as they make it very appealing for the visitors and force them to stay some time on the site

Newsletter Designing

Newsletters are a must if you are selling a product online. You need to be in touch with your prospective customers all the time, and newsletters play a crucial role in this communication.

Print Media Designing

If you are the owner of an e-commerce portal, you know the crucial importance of print media. Your business needs cards, letterheads, and envelopes to make a great impression on your customers.

Corporate ID

Your image is everything and it is your corporate ID that sets you apart from your competitors. Brand building is an exercise that has become a mist for businesses these days.


Format conversion has become very common these days and needed by most website owners. We have the professionals to easy do this job. These experts can easily convert designs created in PSD or PNG into HTML.

PDF Presentation

Information about the company presented in an interesting style impresses prospective customers and boosts chances of increased sales. This is where brochures containing information about the business come into play.

eBay Page Designing

If you are an online seller advertising your products on eBay, you will find our eBay designing services very attractive. Our designers keep abreast with all the latest developments on e-commerce portals like eBay and Amazon.

Vector and Graphics Designing

Vector designing is a crucial aspect of design of any e-commerce portal. It is required to make the website more attractive for the visitors as filling up the page with products is not enough to impress them. Mm solutionz ltd specializes in graphics designing of a website.

Web Application Development

Web applications have become ubiquitous these days. They not only add to the functionality of a website but also help in adding many new features to make it very easy for the visitors to a website.


CMS is a service required by most website owners these days. It is required to add, delete, and modify content on the web pages so as to keep the website updated and accurate. A content management system makes it easier for the website owner to keep in touch with the visitors by updating the content every now and then.


We provide total solutions to all e-commerce ventures. These solutions range from design and development of an e-commerce portal from scratch to modifying them to achieve desired results for clients.

Content writing

Content is king they say and nothing can be truer than this. It is the content on the website that communicates with the visitors in the absence of website owner. You can catch the attention of the visitors and compel them to keep coming for more if the content is meaningful, informative, and appealing.

Domain and Hosting

Domain name is the unique address on World Wide Web. It is this name that gives you a unique identity on internet that is only yours and cannot be used by anyone else. This name is also called the URL or uniform resource locater.


Mm solutionz ltd provides its expertise in the field of IT and web design and development to organizations all over the world. Most of its clients are overseas that makes it an offshore wed design company. Most of the respectable clients of Mm solutionz ltd are based in European and American countries.


SEO forms the backbone of any endeavor to boost the ranking of a website. Many website owners consider it as a waste of money but it only through SEO that you can force search engines to notice your website.


Social media has become very important in all SEO endeavors. In fact, all exercise aimed at optimizing your presence in social media is termed as social media optimization. We handle SMO campaigns of many clients and make use of effective pages to create a strong online presence for them.


Our portfolio includes all the services we offer to our clients. But it is the end result and not the components that go in to making of this portfolio that mater more. You are invited to take a look at some of the hundreds of eye catching and innovative website that Mm solutionz ltd has designed so far.


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